A common thread that runs through small businesses is a need to have a voice in the flooded marketplace – a voice that can help you cut through the clutter and rise above your competitors. This is where we can help. A great voice (literally) can give your brand or small business a great voice (figuratively).

Services for Small Business Voiceover

Television Commercials / Radio Commercials

Commercials help people notice your business. We take pride in partnering with businesses to make them standout. Whether you have a local restaurant or large accounting firm, Longtrain is adept at capturing your company’s essence and telling your story.

Web Presentations / Explainer Video

Presentations and videos can make or break your business. With the right script, our professional voice acting will ensure your message engages and impacts your clients or customers.

small business voiceover meeting

Long-Form Narration

Whether it’s a product launch video or one that explains how to use your product, we can help with any form of narration. We also do voiceovers for sales videos and real estate videos.

Voice Mail / IVR

Non-robotic. Interesting. Friendly. Engaging. Even in this medium, the voice should reflect the personality of your business. Our professional voiceover for smb encourages callers to stay on the line and also deliver a high-quality and professional marketing message.

Why Choose Longtrain?

1. We are easy to work with
2. We will help throughout the process to hone creative to help drive traffic
3. We have a fast turnaround
4. We have 20 plus years’ experience working with small businesses
5. We have excellent communication and technical skills

Small Business Demo:


Technical Skills

We use only high-quality recording equipment to produce noise-free recording, have working knowledge in editing and sound engineering, and ensure a clean, clear, quality voiceover for small business.

Research shows that listeners are more likely to retain information when it is delivered by a professional voice talent. This is because a professional voiceover talent will not just read off from a script. At LTP, we study what needs to be conveyed so we can deliver your message correctly. When it comes to a voiceover for small business, you get what you pay for and you might as well get it right the first time.

The Bottom Line

Longtrain will help you create a very powerful and effective message for your audience. A professional voiceover actor knows this is your end goal and can work alongside you to deliver the results. These days, with social media, people are flooded with information. A professional small business voiceover is a great way to help your company stick out from the rest!

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